10 Best Universities That Offer Rolling Admissions


Senior high school students applying for a college education at universities often face the stress of balancing time for high school assignments and requirements while working on college applications. And when the target school has a hard and fast deadline, the stress level just gets higher.

Thankfully, there are some universities that have rolling admissions process, reports U.S. News. Universities with rolling admissions have no hard deadline, but some of them have a priority submission date. Applying to these schools will be less stressful than most.

Acceptances in these kinds of schools are given on a first-come, first-served basis, and the decision to admit any applicant is made on a case-to-case basis. Universities with hard deadlines, on the other hand, gather the details that all applicants submit, then compare and contrast them before giving out admittance decisions.

Students who submit their applications to rolling admission schools can get and advantage, experts say. Because they accept students on a continual basis, those who successfully apply early can get ahead of those who apply later.

In addition, those are accepted early will get encouraged by way of an acceptance letter which they will receive shortly after application.

According to an annual survey cited by U.S. News, there are 89 universities offering rolling admissions across the country, but none of these belong to the top 20. Thirteen of them, however, are included in the top 100 National Universities in the U.S.

Here are 10 of the best universities that offer rolling admissions, with their respective priority dates listed beside them. All applicants are advised to submit all requirements on or before the priority dates, although the date is not a hard deadline.

  • Pennsylvania State University (Nov. 30)
  • Purdue University (Feb. 1)
  • University of Pittsburgh (N/A)
  • Rutgers University (Dec. 1)
  • University of Minnesota (Dec. 15)
  • Michigan State University (Nov. 1)
  • Binghamton University (Jan. 15)
  • Indiana University (Feb. 1)
  • University of Tulsa (Feb. 1)
  • Stony Brook University (Jan. 15)

For those who want more options, Niche has a list of 25 best colleges that offer rolling admissions here.

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