HandBrake Ends 13-Year Beta Version; The Best Video Converter for Mac & Windows Officially Released

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It is unlikely for software to have a decade-year-old beta version but it's a different story for HandBrake DVD burner and video converter for Mac and Windows.

HandBrake App Finally Released for Public Download

After 13 years in beta mode, HandBrake officially launched a stable tool for public download. In HandBrake press release, it says that the Team is delighted to present HandBrake 1.0.0. It also highlights a few improvements shipped with the updated version.

The video transcoder is available for Macs and Windows and it now includes updated tooltips, undo-redo support, more Picture and Filters settings, and searchable Activity.

HandBrake tool is easy to use and it's been a great tool to burn DVDs or convert videos to different formats. Specifically for Mac, everything gets more simplified than the beta version. For instance, the main menu and options menu are now user-friendlier, according to LifeHacker.

Coming along with the update, HandBrake developer has fixed a few bugs and increased the software performance. The team has added guides to install official HandBrake and step-by-step instructions for newbie users.

HandBrake Beta Stood The Test of Time

HandBrake program has been users favorite app for DVD burner and video converter. The extensive features and advanced options have made it easy and possibly the best app for Mac and Windows.

The newest version adds relevant settings to the app and there are wide array of video formats it supports.

It is recommended to download HandBrake 1.0.0 from its official HandBrake website.

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