Top 5 GameCube Titles That Fans Might See A Release In Nintendo Switch [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike who are both tracking the latest news about the Nintendo Switch will know that there are handful of speculations circulating around regarding the upcoming console's specs and features. One such speculation would be that the Nintendo Switch will be capable of playing GameCube titles. As such, sources have taken time to make their own predictions as to the top five games that fans might see a release in the next-gen console.

It was recently suggested that GameCube games are making their way to the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Switch, Stevivor has learned. It was further stated that the titles will be available to fans as digital downloads for the Switch.

It even went on to state that the GameCube was the only previously-released hardware that was not officially made available on the Wii U. The NES, SNES, and N64 games were said to have been all made available to fans via the Virtual console, which were also made to be backwards compatible with Nintendo's Wii. Assuming that the rumors are true regarding the Switch, the source went on to list the games that would most likely get released on the next-gen console.

That being said, the list kicked off with "Super Mario Sunshine," which was pointed out as a no-brainer that would definitely see a release in the Switch. It was said that "Mario" games have always been present or available on every console.

Next on their list would be "Luigi's Mansion" since it was made as the GameCube's flagship launch title. Moreover, it was said that the game, despite being met with mixed reactions, was one of the top selling games on GameCube.

Another game from the acclaimed franchise that fans might see a release on the Switch would be "super Smash Bros. Melee," which might seem as a good candidate to be released in the next-gen console following the success that the Wii Virtual Console had with "Super Smash Bros."

As for other games outside the "Mario" franchise, fans would also like to see the release of both "Star Fox: Assault" and "Soulcaliber II" on the Nintendo Switch, Nerdist reported. The source mentioned that the former game was a worthy follow up to the "Star Fox 64" video game, while the latter was the only installment in the "Soulcalibur" series that featured Link as a playable character.

That being said, time could only tell if the Nintendo Switch will be able to play title from the iconic GameCube just as what the rumors have been suggesting.

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