'Watch Dogs 2' In-Game Footage Leaks E3 Trailer? Ubisoft To Patch Nudity Found In The Game Detailed! [VIDEO]

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Fans and gamers alike can't help but speculate on all the Easter eggs they've found within their favorite games. This is the case for the recently-released "Watch Dogs 2" as fans have begun speculating on an in-game footage. Moreover, there are reports that Ubisoft will patch the game due to a recent incident where an instance of graphic nudity was found.

It was recently reported that fans of the acclaimed "Watch Dogs 2" were able to unearth an in-game footage, which sparked numerous rumors from the fans all over, Polygon has learned. It was reported that the in-game footage was found during a play-through of one of the main characters of "Watch Dogs 2," Marcus Holloway.

A YouTube video was also posted online that depicted the in-game footage to include a futuristic space themed adventure. As such, Polygon has stated that fans have begun speculating that this might be a hint to the next big trailer that Ubisoft will be unveiling in the next E3 or the upcoming Game Awards. However, it may also be just about nothing and that the people from Ubisoft have just put together a video just for kicks.

There have been rumors that the in-game footage could lead to a space-western-themed game that might have drawn its inspiration from the likes of "Cowboy Bepop" and "Firefly," Polygon noted.

In other news, there have been reports that Ubisoft will be patching the game after some graphic nude details were found in the game, PC Gamer reported. It was stated that a user went on to post on Twitter a picture of a woman who donned a full graphic detail of a female sex organ in "Watch Dogs 2."

It was mentioned by the source that the nudity was found after the user "accidentally" blew up some women in an alley. After that, it was noted that the user suddenly noticed that one of the female models was donning a fully-rendered female genitalia. Readers can sift through the comments section of NeoGaf to see for themselves the picture that was posted.

It was also mentioned by PC Gamer that Ubisoft went on to release a statement that despite the mature-rating of the game, they will be patching out the nudity found in "Watch Dogs 2."

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