How To Recover Deleted Files On Windows Systems Without Using Any Software [Video]

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Lost or accidentally deleted files can usually be recovered if the loss can be discovered early. However, the more time you never notice it or every time you write in the hard drive, the chances of the lost data to be recovered become less.

It would be simple enough once you have made the discovery or at the moment, you have accidentally deleted a file or files by mistake. Fret not, for there are ways that these files may be recovered even without the use of recovery software.

The recycle bin

Any windows user knows that the recycle bin is where deleted data goes. This is the simplest recovery method there is. All one has to do is right click the file or files and choose restore. However, be advised that the recycle bin has a size limit. Once that limit is breached, it will start deleting files permanently starting with the oldest file in the bin, according to PCAdvisor.

The backup method

Conscientious PC users always keep backup copies of their work on a regular basis. You either can have them in a separate library within the hard drive, saved in an external device, in preparation for an eventuality of a system crash. Having a backup is always good practice to prevent work loss and headache later on.

Restore previous versions

Once a file or folder is deleted, it is not automatically destroyed but it is simply marked "deleted" in your drive's File Allocation Table (FAT) or the Master File Table (MFT). Once this is done, the file is still there but is no longer listed once you try to locate the file or see a folder where it once was stored. As long as it is done early, these files can be recovered easily and intact.

Simply go to the file folder where the lost file was once stored in and right-click the folder. From the drop-down list, choose "restore previous versions." From there you will be presented with another window wherein you can choose the file you want to be recovered.

If you do not see "restore previous versions" when you right-click, Go to Control Panel and turn on System Protection. All drives with its corresponding protection will be shown. Simply select the drive and click configure. Click on "restore system settings and previous versions of files" and Click on "OK." You are now set, according to How-To Geek.

Other than these, you will need recovery software to try and recover deleted files. Check out the video below for an added trick you can use it should also work on Windows 8 and 10.

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