AsteroidOS: Open Source Operating System Designed For Smartwatches [Video]


Open source AsteroidOS is aiming to be a direct competitor for Android Wear that might just be a reasonable and viable alternative to the defunct Pebble smartwatch.

Pebble's demise brought about by Fitbit's piecemeal acquisition therefore effectively snuffing it made the smartwatch market to become smaller. Although it is without question that even before the acquisition, the Android Wear scene was already declining with earlier models no longer receiving Android Wear updates.

However, for owners of these smartwatches, there may be a glimmer of hope yet. AsteroidOS has just announced the release of its first ever alpha release that might bring close to offering a full and true open source operating system for smartwatches out there, SlashGear reported.

The Linux-based operating system created by French student Florent Revest, and in the works for the last two years could as well be a project for hackers, modders, and enthusiasts to get their hands on. Version 1 of the alpha has been officially launched packed with features. It includes support for heart rate monitors, and they are calling on more developers to put their stakes in and code new apps for AsteroidOS.

Version 1 alpha of Asteroid OS is ready for four Android Wear devices namely: LG G Watch, LG G Watch Urbane, Asus ZenWatch 2, and the Sony Smartwatch 3. Reverest has been at work on developing the OS aided by a collection of contributions from GitHub and XDA communities, Android Police reported.

Reportedly, AsteroidOS is functional but is found lacking. Tools are limited to an alarm clock, calculator, weather app, stopwatch, timer, agenda, and a settings menu. An existing Android app, which allows synchronizing notifications and music control via Bluetooth with any Android phone, is all that can be had, for now.

According to a post by Revest, his main goals for the development of the platform are to expand battery life of the devices as well as supporting more sensors for it. Accordingly, he said these are important factors for the success of any smartwatch OS which also brings with it exciting technical challenges to work on. He also hopes to collaborate with more companies interested in using AsteroidOS technologies in products or demos saying he can be reached at any time.

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