iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Alternatives; Repos Offer Limited Personalization [Video]


Everyone waiting for a Pangu release for an iOS 10 Jailbreak may still be far off since no word has come out from the Chinese hacking group when they are going to release a working Jailbreak Tool for the iOS 10, or if ever they are coming out with one.

Apple recently rolled out iOS 10.2, according to Forbes, this would mean an added time for anyone creating a Jailbreak tool would ensue. Since there is no official release of iOS 10 Jailbreak tool, users can try alternatives.

Tinyumbrella - will let Apple users save SHSH blobs so a downgrade would be possible in the future. The recent iOS update prevents users to downgrade to an earlier OS. However, the tool only allows users to downgrade. In essence, this tool would be essential for those who have already upgraded their units but who would want to Jailbreak them later on.

iOS 10 Jailbreak Tool Alternatives

vShare and Mojo, according to Mobile & Apps are alternatives without actually Jailbreaking your device. vShare is easy to use even without an Apple ID claimed its creator. It's as simple as downloading the installer to a Windows PC and connect the iPhone and iPad when prompted.

Mojo, however, is much simple as the installer can be downloaded straight from the iPhone or iPad. The next step is to just follow the systematic instruction guide on their website and you are set to go.

Cydia Repos

Cydia Repos also issue updates each time Pangu rolls out an iOS Jailbreak. Repos like Coolstar Repo, Karen's Pineapple Repo, and lux Repo are capable of allowing using to tweak their devices. The Repos has their own specialties that allow you to configure your device

Coolstar will allow you to tweak command lines most suitable for use by iOS power users. Karen's Pineapple Repo allows working around apps, while lux Repo will allow you to customize your device settings; however, this repo can only be installed on a jailbroken iOS device, according to Neurogadget.

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