Jailbreak iOS 10 Latest News & Update: Pangu Finally Releases iOS 10 Jailbreak?; Apple Won’t Be Happy [Video]


Though yet to be made public, a working iOS Jailbreak could be rolled out by Pangu. Rumors have it that Pangu has achieved an iOS 10 jailbreak and might release the Jailbreak update in December.

A planned Christmas release would be a welcome treat to the Apple Jailbreak Community who have been saddened by videos from nefarious hackers. Users claim that most of the iOS jailbreaks they flaunt were hoaxes.

Why not release it now?

So why is Pangu waiting for the release of iOS 10.2? Considering what happened in previous jailbreaks, it would be safe to assume that Pangu is making sure Apple does not include some fixes in the next mobile operating system, a feat that Apple have been known to have done before, according to Neurogadget.

Pangu bared its last iOS jailbreak with MOSET 2016 which was still in its early beta stages. Despite having the problematic and buggy nature of iOS 10, a Chinese Hacking group and other hackers failed to create a working crack.

An added difficulty hackers faced is that Apple constantly rolls out updates consecutively aimed mostly at addressing bug fixes of the Apple device itself, not aware probably of the existence of an iOS jailbreak. In connection with this, Pangu waiting on iOS 10.2 might be looking for an opening that could force Apple to release a new patch.

iOS 10.2 beta phase stage 3

iOS 10.2 is reportedly on stage three of its beta phase, reported Mac Rumors. As written above, it is expected that the next round of updates for the iOS 10 will be rolled out by Apple in December. The rollout will be akin to Apple playing cat and Pangu playing mouse.

We will have to wait for the next iOS update to see if Pangu will be able to finally unleash an iOS jailbreak in December.

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