‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 73 Spoilers: Gohan Makes Big Comeback, Enters Highly Dangerous Fight; New Arc Development [REPORT]


"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73 is airing January 8 after Christmas day. However, the whole episode seems to be a filler to the storyline and has less importance to the series. Entitled "Gohan made an appearance in a movie!", the synopsis will shed some light on Gohan's character. This could be some sort of a strategy for "Dragon Ball Super" producers.

Airing Episode 73 after Christmas day and giving away hints on how Gohan's participation in "The arc of a small universe Survival" on February 2017, Attack of the Fanboy wrote. The synopsis of the episode basically projects Gohan as a character with a bigger role in the upcoming battles.


But in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73, Gohan will show up as a stuntman for a highly dangerous movie scene. Based on the summary of this movie that starts with "Evil can't be forgiven!! The ally of Justice, Great Saiyaman appears!" It is easy to predict that the role Gohan will play in the movie is his own self.

The great match between the underdog Mister Satan and Great Saiyaman played by a very famous actor called Barry Kaan will be the main highlight of the movie. The scene will be very dangerous, for the human actors, of course, that is why Gohan decided to do the part.

The sublime message of the plot is Gohan as a great fighter. Remember that Gohan will take part of Inter-Universe Tournament under Universe Team 7, The Siver Times reported. How well he will perform in this comeback fight is yet to unfold.

Episode 73 will also feature another popular character, Jaco. This week Jaco will be distracted during a patrol. He will stop by a space ramen house while escorting a notorious space criminal Watagasshu. What kind disaster could it bring is quite obvious already.

Find time to catch "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 73 on January 8th before the new Arc begins. 


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