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5 Best & Most Impactful WWE Performers Of 2016; Will Your Favorite Hero Top 2016 List [VIDEO]


WWE kicked off with a bang this year so it has to end with another banger and Forbes knows how to do that exactly. Presenting: 5 Best & Most Impactful WWE Performers Of 2016.

No. 5 - The Miz

WWE fans may not want to admit it but The Miz totally rocked the WWE ring with his signature boots and shades trying so hard to be cool. His year is not complete with his Baby Mama, Maryse. Considered as one of WWE's power couple, nothing is stopping this tough solid couple in rocking until next 2017.

No. 4 - Sasha Banks

Picking the best woman fighter in WWE is as hard as impressing one. But RAW Women's Championship has defined Sasha Banks' placing in this year's 5 Best & Most Impactful WWE Performers. Her beef with another WWE Diva Charlotte is one that gets scribed as a standout battle in WWE History. Although both ladies did well, Sasha Banks reigned victorious raising her bankability and superstar status.

No. 3 - Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe is the first fighter ever to become a 2-time NXT Champion. His magnificent moves and strategy are on point. One legendary feud he had was with Shinsuke Nakamura. This one will go down in NXT History as the best and compelling.

No. 2 - Kevin Owens

Gaining the Universal Championship from Finn Balor due to injury without rightfully earning it made 2016 a rough road for Kevin Owens. During his stint as Champion, ratings started declining due to his lack of appeal to the audience. The heavy burden was eventually put down when the bromance between him and Chris Jericho started to sparkle. He was able to establish a new brand that attracted growing followers. His journey helped him through Forbes 5 Best & Most Impactful WWE Performers Of 2016.

No. 1 - Aj Styles

Debuting in the Royal Rumble, Aj Styles becomes a royalty at WWE 2016. This earns him the top spot at 5 Best & Most Impactful WWE Performers Of 2016. His performance also topped the Rolling Stones 2016 listing.

Onlookers began to notice his professional wrestling that tickles the interest of the audience. This new found popularity made Aj Styles video one of the popular WWE YouTube videos of 2016. Plus, his line up feuds with Chris Jericho and John Cena added star points to his credibility.

Are you satisfied with this list? Let's have a discussion in the comment section or relive the WWE moments of 2016 with the video below:


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