National Geographic 1st ‘Mars’ Episode Features SpaceX Rocket Tech [Video]


Elon Musk, CEO, and founder of SpaceX, and Tesla said his only reason he founded SpaceX is to get human beings to Mars.

NASA has said that the success of the Mars program would be to tap and involve the private sector, at least that is what they said on the first episode of Nat Geo's "Mars." The new show debuted last Nov. 14 which combines a scripted sci-fi drama that follows the first human mission to Mars set in 2033, according to Space. The program also features a documentary portion where certain experts no the topic at hand take part in the discussions.

In the documentary portion of the program's 1st episode, SpaceX was featured launching a rocket that looked successfully launched amid the cheering of the ground crew only to see it disintegrate a few moments later with cheers replaced by shock and even moved some to tears.

The key challenge on a mission to "Mars" is landing on the Red Planet. But before that, we have to get there. Openly discussed is to have reusable rocket technology. The hope is that if equipment gets to be re-used, it would be cheaper in the long term. Aside from being reused for its original purpose, parts of it can be reused for other structures once the planet is reached.

Musk, in the interview portion of the program, said: "There are a thousand ways a rocket could fail and one way that it could succeed."

Musk has been very vocal about his efforts to send thousands of people to Mars and probably terraforming it. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that SpaceX is the central figure in the first episode. It is not saying that SpaceX is the only company doing this, but no other private company has invested such plans for the future.

The first episode is focused on rocket technology, which SpaceX is highly visible in their pursuits. The challenge is presented how difficult it actually is just getting off the ground to getting to and from space. It is just the first episode, perhaps future episodes will focus more on the viability of us becoming interplanetary citizens.

The six-episode run of "Mars" will be available for free streaming beginning Dec. 24. after all episodes have been shown. The stream will be available on the Nat Geo VOD Channelm Andoid, iOS, Xbox, anf Roku among many and is available for purchase at Amazon, Hulu, Google Play and iTunes, according to Forbes.

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