NASA Will Return To The Moon In 2018 As Prelude To Manned Mars Mission [Video]


It may be a while before NASA take a manned mission to Mars, tentatively as early as 2035. However, it is only expedient for NASA to return to the moon first in preparation for the first ever manned mars mission.

Last October, it was proposed by President Barack Obama for a goal for landing a manned mission to Mars by the 2030s; however, they have no say or idea if the next president is prepared to push through with such an ambitious goal.

Then Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton spoke during the campaign trail wherein she signifies of her general support. Mrs. Clinton also stated that it would be critical for NASA to ensure it has resources and the predictable funding it needs to achieve its goals, according to The Washington Post.

For his part, then Republican nominee now president-elect Donald Trump says he loves NASA and what it stands for but he stated the country has to take care of other issues first. He adds that he would look into NASA's spending priorities and make necessary adjustments.

Regardless of NASA's plans, Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon believes that humans should head for the red planet in2040. He advises that it is imperative that men, along with various space agencies of the world explore and build habitats on the moon first.

According to Aldrin, the mission requires international cooperation with the input of big businesses. He stresses that the Mars mission cannot be done by one nation alone. Aldrin is optimistic though that it would be a great undertaking for humanity to have a permanent presence on another planet, according to The Daily Mail.

February this year, project managers of Lockheed Martin and NASA gathered to usher in the return of the Orion crew module for future missions beyond low-earth orbit. Accordingly, the first journey is to the Moon and eventually into deep space.

Plans for the Orion to undergo the installation of 30 flight systems this year include navigation, power, and data processing systems for a target schedule of 2017. It is with hope that 2018 will usher in a Space Launch System with the Orion gaining thousands of miles beyond the Moon breaking the record for furthest human -capable vehicle ever traveled.

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