3 Ways Fresh Grads Can Look Like A Pro During Job Hunts


Being professional doesn't start with one's first job after college. Rather, it can start while a fresh graduate is looking for that first job. Yes, you can look, sound, and feel like a pro while job hunting.

Fresh graduates normally look forward to getting that dream job quickly. Many prepare their CVs and other necessary requirements, and do their best to ace the job interviews. But more than just a colorful resume and a great performance during the interview, there are other things that can make any job applicant appear like a pro.

Here are some things that will make a fresh grad look like a pro during job hunting season, according to U.S. News.

Get Your References Ready

Having your references ready at any given time will make your application stand out. These people will talk to your prospective employer about how related you are to them, and how they know you. Take advantage of this and prepare accordingly.

Choose to make your list of references more valuable. Include those whom you worked for and build a good rapport with. Don't forget to list their names, contact details, and any noteworthy project or accomplishment you've had with them.

Also, inform your references about the company you're applying to, as well as the job skills required of you. That way, they can easily prepare for the employer's call when it comes.

Use Professional Means To Establish Contacts

Simply put, think like you're someone companies and employers would want to hire. Prepare business cards that are not only easy to dole out when you approach a possible client or employer, but are also professional looking and complete with necessary details such as a broad occupational title.

Set up your voicemail, and be prepared to quickly respond when you have unanswered calls. Leave a professional, warm-sounding message on the voicemail, then do your best to respond to unanswered calls within 24 hours.

Develop A Good Follow-Up

Learn to thank interviewers after the interview. Send them thank you emails, highlighting your appreciation for their time and attention to your application. If you learned something from them during the interview, thank them for it as well.

When you get hired, thank every person who has helped you in your job search, and keep communication lines open. Someday you might need to contact those people again, and it would be good to keep them within reach.

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