Nintendo Switch: Leaked Specs Shows Switch More Powerful When Docked [Video]


Just recently, specs of the coming Nintendo Switch appeared on Twitter even before Nintendo's official reveal. Granted that it may not be as powerful as the PS4 or Microsoft's upcoming Scorpio, however, the hybrid could contain more power docked than initially thought of.

It is confirmed that the Nintendo Switch will be launched in March 2017, the exact date might be revealed during the presentation in Tokyo on Jan. 13. It is expected the final date will be announced at the event alongside a line-up of games for the Switch.

Nintendo Switch graphics processor

The first official announcement we know of the Nintendo Switch is that it will be using a customized Nvidia Tegra. However, customized as it may be, it would employ last generation's Maxwell architecture. Earlier this year, Nvidia introduced the Pascal architecture, which is reportedly not ready at the time to go into the Switch as confirmed in the leaked specs.

Accordingly, the Maxwell customized Tegra chip is still powerful to play Nintendo-style games, of course, users are forewarned not to expect Nintendo Switch software to match that of the high-end PS4 games' graphical fidelity.

Some fans might turn out disappointed that Nintendo did not employ Pascal for the Nintendo Switch. Sadly, the timing did not work out for Nintendo who wanted to get the Switch out that it cannot wait for the Pascal version of the Tegra, according to VentureBeat.

It is also worth noting that Tegra Maxwell is the final iteration of the architecture and feature. Furthermore, Nvidia claimed that the custom processor in the Switch is based on the same architecture as the world's top-performing GeForce gaming graphic cards. Some would say that means Pascal is in the Nintendo Switch after all since the two are similar albeit one uses the 20nm architecture and the later one using 16nm.

If there is, one thing the Nintendo Switch is consistent at is in its CPU power. It runs at 1020MHz regardless of it being docked or undocked. However, the GPU is another matter. While docked, it still does not run Tegra's full potential and locked at 768MHz. Undocked, it drops 40 percent of the clock speed, or 307.2MHz in portable mode, Eurogamer reported.

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