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What Star Wars Can Teach Educators About The Realities Of Education dissect


Star Wars: Rogue One has already hit the theaters and it did not disappoint. Looking beyond all the hype, Star Wars and its characters have actually a lot of insights and tips educators can learn from when it comes to dealing with students and dissect the the art of teaching. Just ask Master Yoda about it or maybe Obi Wan, even Darth Vader but unfortunately, he's not included in the list.

Here's what your Star Wars characters have to say about education and teaching:

Master Yoda

What character to better start with than the great Yoda himself. The master has a lot of wisdom to share from teaching in the classroom to dealing with students individually. His famous line in 'The Empire Strikes Back' about his observation on Luke: always 'looking ahead of the future and the horizon' speaks a lot about how often teachers worry about their students.

As educators, it is normal to worry about how your students will fare well in their SAT scores, enter university, or have their dream careers. However, teachers can only do so much about the future but what's important is today and what you can do in the lives of your students.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Another wise master Jedi is Obi-Wan Kenobi who gave the simple but searing truth about your eyes deceiving you, so never trust that. This speaks about the different personalities your students have. Despite the personalities, you have to remember that there are more to your students than meets the eye. These students might be the troublemaker of the class or the model student but no matter what masks they wear, you have to see beyond that in order to understand each one of them better.

Han Solo

Han Solo doesn't care about the odds, that's for sure, yet he was still able to beat those odds. Translate this reality in the classroom and that means no matter how your student presents himself or herself, don't underestimate the fact that they have a promising future ahead of them. The data you gather or their performance may be the exact opposite of a bright future, there is a possibility that they will always have a chance to beat those odds just like Han Solo.

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