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4 Reasons Why 'Love Actually' Is Now A Christmas Classic


'Love, Actually' has been voted by Britons as their favorite Christmas movie in the recently concluded Radio Times poll. It kicked old-time favorite 'It's a Wonderful Life' off from the top place. Here are four reasons why 'Love, Actually' deserves to be a classic.

Its magic has never waned

'Love, Actually' has been with us for thirteen years already back when Hugh Grant was still a household name and Keira Knightley was much younger. Just like any classic, it has never failed to tug at our hearts every time we watch it. Each story is not your typical happy-ever-after Christmas movie but full of reality and the power of choice. Moreover, it's fun to see Hugh Grant shake that booty.

Its multiple storylines were seamlessly presented

It's not easy to put together 10 different individual stories into one movie but Richard Curtis was able to pull it off capturing each individual emotion. All of the stories are also relatable and forces people to look that despite the spirit o good cheer, there's also sadness that comes along with it.

It has an impressive cast

Where else can you see Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Thomson, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Bill Nighy, and other top-notch British actors acting in one film? They were able to act without overshadowing each other making the stories more believable and heartwarming.

Mr. Bean is there

Okay, so it's not Mr. Bean but seeing Rowan Atkinson play a different character other than Mr. Bean was such a revelation. According to Curtis, Atkinson's Rufus was supposed to be a Christmas angel but was adapted to the final script. In a way, what his character, an obsessive-compulsive salesman, somehow helped the characters resolve their own issues.

If you want to feel nostalgic during Christmas day, go and pull that copy of 'Love, Actually' and enjoy. But don't forget to get some tissue paper ready.

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