Nexus 7: Will be The New Pixel 7; Release Date, Specs And With A Reportedly New OS [Video]


Setting to launch new products for 2017, Google unveiled the Nexus 7, which is touted to be one of the most awaited tablets there is. The unit might be renamed as well as run on a new OS.

As is customary to the tech industry, the Google's Nexus 7 is subject to speculations and rumors. One such rumor starts with the new device's name. It is speculated that the Nexus 7 might not come out at all as Nexus 7 but it will be re-christened as the Pixel 7, according to KnowYourMobile.

This new rebranding move by Google is also rumored to be applied to two upcoming Nexus devices. By these actions, it would seem Google is moving away from the Nexus brand and migrating to uplift Pixel.

The Nexus 7

Still subject to wild internet rumors, apparently, it is still on track for release. One factor to consider is the Nexus 7 is two years old. Therefore, the new rumored devices that will be manufactured by Huawei are more apt to be re-christened to something new and fresh.

Pixel 7 with a new OS

Nexus 7 or presumably the Pixel 7 is rumored to come with a new interesting feature. The Pixel 7 might be the first Google device to abandon the Android operating system and use Google's rumored Andromeda OS. The operating system is said to be a combination of Android and ChromeOS, Neurogadget reported.

Reportedly, Andromeda will be compatible with Chrome and Android apps. It boasts that it could and should become a universal replacement for almost all existing operating systems there is, may they be for mobile or PC.

Pixel 7 or Nexus 7 specs

The new Google Pixel 7 nee Nexus 7 will most likely be equipped with 4GB of RAM supported by 64GB of expandable internal storage via microSD cards. It is also expected to feature a 7-inch QHD display with a resolution of 1440 x 2560. The Pixel 7 should also run Android 7.1 Nougat unless Google decides to equip it with the new Andromeda OS.

It is expected that there are still no price points yet for the Pixel 7. In addition, there are talks that HTC might take over making the devices for Google due to some disagreements.

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