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Bill Maher Says Donald Trump Does Not Believe In Public Education


Bill Maher, known for his HBO political talk show "Real Time with Bill Maher" shares his views about the United States President elect Donald Trump when it comes to education.

American comedian, writer, producer and political commentator Bill Maher is known for his sarcastic attitude as well. His ability to produce a political satire and socio-political commentary targets religion, politics and the media. Which is why Donald Trump gets his share of Maher blasting.

During an interview with ATTN:, Bill Maher offers his views on Donald Trump's upcoming presidency. This is not Maher's first time to drag Trump's name in the conversation. At one point, Trump sued him for joking that he was part orangutan, as reported by Perez.

From the interview, Maher points out that Donald Trump's cabinet appointments are unusual. For instance, Maher cites that Trump does not believe in public education. And the same thing goes for health, Maher stresses that he does not believe in public health, as reported by ATTN.

To sum up his views on Trump's cabinet administration, Maher says Trump just wants to f*** with everyone. Aside from talking about Trump's future plans, he also points out that now Donald Trump is no longer a real estate mogul. Trump is now a man of power. Donald Trump's camp has not yet responded to Maher's blast on his cabinet appointments.

Bill Maher goes on to say that Trump can do anything with the FBI in his pocket. The comedian has a lot of things to say about Trump but the world and the United States of America are still holding their breath.

Maher was raised in New Jersey and graduated high school at Pascack Hills. For his higher education, he attended Cornell University where he double majored in English and history. After graduating in 1978, Bill Maher said he sold marijuana to get through college and he made enough to start his career in comedy.

Watch Bill Maher's ATTN: interview below:

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