Intel CPU Finally Getting An Update: Speculative AMD and Intel Partnership Allegedly On Its Way


Rumors are circulating that a partnership between Intel and AMD is imminent. This partnership, if it is going to push through, will be beneficial to Intel because it can finally get the upgrade that it needs in terms of integrated graphics.

Intel to benefit from AMD

With AMD already dominating in graphics from consoles, it is quite unexpected for AMD to work together with Intel. Sources are now saying that it's a done deal although no official announcement has been made from Intel and AMD.

PC Worlds reported that Intel is really working hard on improving their iGPU technology. Kyle Bennett said that as of now Intel has a dedicated team that's working on it, but once the partnership takes effect, AMD is going to take over.

NVIDIA and Intel

Intel's decision to partner up with AMD makes sense especially when Intel's relationship with NVIDIA is taken into consideration. Since 2009, Intel and NVIDIA has been at each other's throat over licensing issues. The lawsuits were finally settled back in 2011 but with a hefty price.

After the settlement, Intel was finally free to make its on graphics but the company needs to pay NVIDIA a whopping $1.5 billion. The sum was finally paid this year and Intel is now looking on ways how to protect their own graphic core.

AMD and Intel

If the partnership is really going to push through, AMD is finally going to get the funding that it needs, Game Debate reported. AMD needs more fund to pay off debt and to continuously allocate budget to its R&D department. Aside from that, the partnership can also give AMD the exposure that it needs to dominate the laptop and desktop market segment for integrated GPUs. There's no doubt that NVIDIA is way ahead of AMD but the latter can dominate the lower spectrum of the laptop market segment.

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