Ubisoft News: VP Says Vivendi Take Over Could Destroy Independence; Company Celebrates 30 Years With Giveaways!


Fans and avid gamers alike are well aware and familiar with the success and contribution that Ubisoft has done over the past years in the gaming industry. So there is nothing more as distraught to fans as there is than a company changing due to a take-over. This is what recent reports have to say when Ubisoft is allegedly on the verge of being taken over. Albeit the threat of take over looming around, the company is celebrating its 30 year-anniversary by giving away gifts for the next thirty days.

It was recently reported that Vivendi, a French multinational mass media conglomerate, has been making some moves aimed at taking over the acclaimed video game developer Ubisoft, PC GamesN learned. It was mentioned therein that the former has been slowly increasing their shares in the company since 2015.

As such, Vice-president of live operations, Anne Blondel, has expressed her sentiments that Ubisoft was never keen on the idea for some time now and that the company wouldn't be the same if the take over would happen.

In an interview with the source, Blondel went on to state that Ubisoft's success for the past thirty years can be attributed to its independence and reputation for being autonomous. Despite the company taking risks, it is the culture of being creatively independent that made the company successful since its inception.

She further went on to state that separating the company away for its independence, by being able to take bold risks and inventing new stuff and content, would outright change Ubisoft for what it is and for the rest of the people concerned, as well.

Despite the threat posed on the company's current state, it is currently celebrating its 30-year anniversary on a high note by giving away gifts to its fans for the next coming thirty days, PC Games reported.

It was mentioned by the source that everyday up until Dec. 23, fans can receive free giveaways, which ranged from a variety of goodies lined up by Ubisoft themselves.

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