University Of Kentucky Professor Slammed With Sexual Misconduct Claim For Singing Beach Boys Song


A professor from the University of Kentucky was punished for sexual misconduct. Apparently, it was because he sang a song by the Beach Boys in public.

Daily Caller reported that journalism professor Buck Ryan was slammed with a sexual misconduct case for singing "California Girls" by the Beach Boys. He sang it during the closing ceremony of an education program in China, which was co-sponsored by the university and China's Jilin University.

Ryan taught a class for the program entitled "Storytelling: Exploring China's Art and Culture." He explained that he chose the song to "teach the many differences in Chinese and American culture."

In a piece for the Lexington Herald-Leader, the University of Kentucky professor revealed that the institution's three-month investigation yielded no student complaints. He added that he has never received a complaint of sexual misconduct from a student in over 30 years of his college teaching career.

Ryan noted that he sent an email about the specific details of the complaint. However, the message was misinterpreted as an open records request by the school's legal office and the professor received a two-page letter denying the request.

For his punishment, he was banned from receiving international travel funds. He was also stripped of a prestigious award, which was worth thousands of dollars.

He did inquire about his right to have due process for the investigation. Only to be told that he did not have any.

"There is no constitutional right to represent the University of Kentucky abroad," the provost wrote. "Nor is there a constitutional right to teach a particular class. Accordingly, the University has no obligation to provide you with due process."

The University of Kentucky professor was convicted without trial. He denied the allegations that he behaved inappropriately with two women students.

Ryan slammed the institution, saying that the school has a dean in a college with a First Amendment Center who does not care about freedom of expression. He added that it has a provost or chief academic officer who is willing to deny a faculty member due process.

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