Ex-Stanford Professor Reveals University Kicked Her Out For Speaking Up Against Harassment


Former Stanford professor Michelle Karnes has revealed that the university kicked her out for reporting sexual harassment. She claimed that administrators retaliated against her.

In an exclusive report by The Guardian, Karnes admitted how a fellow Stanford professor, Stephen Hinton, sexually harassed her by saying he had a "crush" on her and how he was "tormented" by his feelings. "I just wanted to crawl out of my skin, I was so uncomfortable," she said. "I was really scared."

Karnes filed a sexual harassment complaint. It was a small victory when Hinton was proven to have made an "unwanted sexual advance." However, it was not certain whether the professor was disciplined for it.

Moreover, Karnes claimed that Stanford University administrators hit back against her for speaking up. She reportedly was even kicked out of the institution for it.

Hinton denied the allegations and claimed that they had a "platonic, reciprocal relationship." He also pointed out that an investigation did not necessarily mean that he sexually harassed Karnes.

Karnes, though, saw things differently. She believes that the university chose Hinton's side and protected a senior faculty member and, at the same time, silenced the accuser. For Karnes, she saw this as the university prioritizing its reputation over its employees' well-being.

According to Jezebel, Stanford is currently facing five separate Title IX investigations. This includes four sexual violence investigations.

Karnes' claim also comes after a lawsuit filed by a former student. The student accused the university of ignoring the presence of a "known sexual predator on campus."

It was reported that a sexual predator was said to have been allowed by Stanford University to graduate even with several reported assaults on female students. The civil rights suit was filed on Monday at the U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

The latest case against Stanford stated that Mr. X, the assailant, allegedly attempted to rape the plaintiff in Feb. 2014 after she refused to perform oral sex. The assailant was also said to have physically assaulted and verbally abused the victim.

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