‘Killer Instinct’ News: 3.6 Patch Notes Unlocks Gargos Skins, Full Orchid Character & More; Next Fighter A Cyborg


Kilgore is the next "Killer Instinct" fighter for Xbox One and Windows PC in January. This was confirmed by Microsoft Studios and developer Iron Galaxy. The new fighter that will bring additional selection to the arcade video game list of fighters is a cyborg.

Kilgore will be available in January yet so features about his capabilities and skills are still a mystery to KI fans, however Polygon reported that players will be able get a sneak peak about Kilgore's character as they will get to fight against him anytime soon. Microsoft Studios community manager Rukari Austin said on Twitter that Kilgore is an UltraTech-developed amalgamation.

With that being said, KI fans will have to expect that the new fighter has skills and capabilities even armor borrowed from other "Killer Instinct" characters. Austin added that Kilgore is part a re-imagining of the cyborg fighter and has machine guns for arms.

Meanwhile, players are also in for a treat as a new costume is set for Thunder, which Austin confirmed is a well-researched one and inspired through the Nez Perce indigenous tribe in the Pacific Northwest. Aside from developing an authentic warrior outfit to the fighter, a recent 3.6 patch notes for the game is also released.

"Killer Instinct's" official website reported that the patch notes include new features like choosing between Survival vs Al or Shadows without even owning a Shadow as well as unlocking new contents by achieving benchmarks in Shadow Lord Archives like Gargos platinum/gold skin, Orchid full character, new fulgore color for the meter, Jago Retro unlock ,and new guardians.

The update brought noticeable big system changes like the 50% restoration of potential damage for a breaking combo and passive potential damage regeneration, which now begins after 3 seconds. There is also a remarkable update for the Shadow Lords especially viewing of its leaderboards and feeding Astral Charges to an empty guardian.

More information can be learned about the recent "Killer Instinct" update in its official website and updates of its fighters' upgraded fighting skills and abilities, no changes have been reported, however, for Sabrewulf, Thunder, Sadira, Maya, Riptor, Aganos, Hisako, Shadow Jago, Kim Wu, Tusk, Rush, and Gargos.

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