‘Yakuza 6’ Is Japan’s No. 1 Top-Selling Game, Beating ‘Final Fantasy XV’ & ‘Pokémon Sun/Moon’; Release Date Outside Japan [Video]


"Yakuza 6" has just claimed the top spot to be Japan's best-selling game despite debuting just early this month, beating established contenders like "Final Fantasy XV" and Pokémon Sun and Moon." While Japanese and Asian gamers are enjoying the newest addition to the more than ten-year-old series, Western gamers need to wait for another year to have the "Yakuza Kiwami" in 2017 and "Yakuza 6" in 2018.

A recent report from a data collected by Famitsu from December 5 to 11, 2016 indicated that the newly launched "Yakuza 6" managed to gain the top spot as the best-selling game in Japan with a total sale of 218,168. The game sold 201,211 units for its first week and outranked more established games like "Final Fantasy XV," which claimed the fourth spot and "Pokémon Sun and Moon" coming close in second spot, Siliconera reported.

It is not surprising for the "Yakuza" series of games has a wide fanbase among Japanese gamers, who continue to patronize and play the game particularly the latest release, "Yakuza 6." The very first "Yakuza" game debuted in March 2005 and now SEGA is committing to bring the series into Western shores exclusively for PS4.

"Yakuza 6" is a simple and straightforward game that involves a lot of running around and punching street gangs by using various props in the vicinity. The player assumes the role of Kazuma Kiryu, who starts as a low-level enforcer assigned in the streets of Tokyo, according to Forbes.

For those who enjoy street fights and brawls, then "Yakuza 6" is the best game there is with its large urban venue, not an open world as previously reported, with gangs ready for ambush to engage players in open fights, Kotaku has learned. Even more interesting is that players can use any giant props as weapon to smash bones and skulls, a messy and bloody game that Japanese seems to have an appetite for.

Now, SEGA will be bringing "Yakuza 6" to the West exclusively for PS4, starting with the "Yakuza Kiwami," which is a remastered original "Yakuza" game previously released in Japan and available to North America and Europe by 2017. Meanwhile, "Yakuza 6" will get to US shores by early 2018, a long wait, but one that SEGA hopes will be highly received by Western gamers.

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