‘Pokémon GO’ Update: Niantic Will Finally Release Trading Feature to Increase Chances of Catching Rare Pokemons [RUMORS]


Rare Pokemons are often the most powerful ones thus, compelling players to look more of it at any given locations. However, that could might be change because Niantic is rumored to be working on the trading feature of "Pokémon GO" so that the chances of catching rare Pokemons will increase. Read more details here!

"Pokémon GO" Trading Feature is Coming Soon

When the augmented reality game "Pokemon GO" was released in September 2015, Niantic has promised to add a feature to take the game to the next level and that is trading. A year had passed but the developer failed to add the feature in almost all of the game updates; in fact, the latest updates released last December 12 has disappointed almost all of the players.

However, trading is likely to come soon as Niantic is rumored to have been currently working on the feature according to the recently discovered code dump detailing the "Pokemon GO" trading. According to Pokemon GO Hub, the code analysis reveals functionalities such as search for Trading Players, create, cancel and complete Trade Offers and trade only Pokemon.    

On the other hand, the codes did not specify regarding the range and visibility of Trade Search and if it allows trading worldwide. Furthermore, it is not also clear whether the trading is resilient to internet connection loss.

 In another report, Niantic CEO John Hanke admit that the company has still no exact plan as to how the trading feature works, however, he makes sure that "Pokemon GO" trading feature is on the top of their priority list according to Inverse.    

How to Catch Rare Pokemons?

Rare Pokemons are often regarded as the most powerful monsters in the player's Pokedex; thus, the search for them has become too intense. According to Eurogamer, while players are still waiting for the trading feature of "Pokemon GO", the only way to catch these rare Pokemons is through hatching 10km eggs.

Rare Pokemons list include Ponyta, Koffing, Vulpix, Sandshrew, Tentacool, Staryu, Magmar, Horsea, Ditto and Tangela. The very rare Pokemons are Machop, Abra, Rhyhorn, Grimer, Lickitung, Voltorb, Pinsir and Scyther. 

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