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Your Favorite Christmas Movie Says Much About Your Personality


If you think only personality tests can reveal your personality, the movies you prefer watching this Christmas say a lot of things about you as well. Here are some of the most popular Christmas movies and the meaning they hold for your personality.

Love, Actually

You're a sappy romantic who always cries when watching sad movies, even commercials. Music is also no exception as you feel nostalgic every time you hear "White Christmas" or "I'll Be Home for Christmas" on the radio, even if there's no reason to be nostalgic of. You're also the first one to say "I love you" and even use mobile phone apps to look at your 'future.'

The Santa Clause

You're someone who has a penchant for the 90s and think that was the best era of sitcoms. You also love every reruns and reboots, whether they are movies or sitcoms. You still find Friends fascinating and still wonder what will happen to Rachel and Ross.

Home Alone

You are a prankster who gets a kick out of playing tricks and jokes on your family and friends. That's because you long the attention you seldom get from them. Most probably you are part of a big family and your parents barely notice you so you'd rather disappear and be alone.

It's a Wonderful Life

You're very old-fashioned. Someone who thinks that a proper outfit consists of a coat and tie or a dress in any occasion. Your idea of a good time on a weekend is curling in your bed with a good book rather than go out dancing with your friends.


You bring Christmas to a crazy level by overdoing it. Of course, it's the holiday season and people are busy preparing for it but you are more obsessed with it from the Christmas decorations to the color of the throw pillows. Even your bedroom and your pajamas have a Christmas theme.

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