PS4 Pro Latest News: Sony Outscores Xbox One, Nintendo Wii in All Aspects – Here’s Everything You Need to Know [VIDEO]


Gaming consoles are among the favorite presents for the holiday season. PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and Nintendo Wii are among the newest versions of consoles but it appears that Sony outscores its rivals in all aspects. Check the details here!

PS4 Pro Now Supports Tom Clancy's The Division

The increasing number of players of Tom Clancy's "The Division" are rejoicing when Ubisoft announced that the game is now supported by the latest and best selling console of Sony the PlayStation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro). Not only that, Ubisoft has also announced that "The Division" latest DLC expansion called "Survival" for PS4 Pro will be released in December 20 alongside the support for PlayStation 4 according to Game Rant.   

PS4 Pro Supports "Final Fantasy XV" and "Fallout 4"  

Another reason why PS4 Pro outscores Microsoft and Nintendo is the pledge support from the developers of the two most prominent game titles "Final Fantasy XV" and "Fallout 4". As added by Game Rant, aside from the promise made by Bethesda to support the console for the next major updates, developers of the game that were released last year also committed their support for the best-selling console of 2016.

PS4 Pro Is a Very Good Choice for Virtual Reality

Compared to Microsoft Xbox One S and Nintendo Wii U, PS4 Pro becomes an excellent choice when it comes to virtual reality games. According to some reports, PS4 Pro VR headset, 500GB storage and support for 4K TV streaming justify the price of the gaming console because of the game optimization it offers.

PS4 Pro Has Better Graphic Performance

It is known to many that PS4 Pro is built with higher specification for graphics chip as well as processor according to Geeky Gadgets. This is the reason why gamers usually end up choosing PS4 Pro over Xbox One S and Nintendo Wii U not to mention that the console has an output of 1080p to 1440p that imposes a possible approach towards 4k resolution. 

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