‘Pokémon GO’ Gen 2 Cheats, Tips, Tricks: Get Rid of Old Eggs Without Hatching; Togepi Evolves Without Walking [VIDEO]


The recent updates release by Niantic has made the fans rejoice while made other disappointed. Either way, the update has brought the second generation Pokemons which includes the first full-grown Togepi. Read more details on how to evolve Togepi as well as getting rid of all the old eggs! Here's everything you need to know about "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 cheats, tips and tricks!

How to Get Rid of the Old Eggs

Niantic has rolled out its latest update for "Pokemon GO" last December 12 introducing new set of pocket monsters to the public known as the second generation Pokemons. Aside from the new Pokemons, Niantic has also released the limited edition of Santa Hut Pikachu according to Pokemon GO website.

The new baby Pokemons such as Igglybuff, Cleffa, Magby, Pichu, Smoochum, Elekid and Togepi can only be hatched using the new eggs acquired from the rollout date of "Pokemon GO" updates last December 12. For this reason, players will be compelled to get rid with the old eggs first before trying to hatch the new ones but the question is "how".

It is communicated to everyone that "Pokemon GO" does not provide any options to get rid from the old eggs except from walking a distance enough to hatch the egg before putting the new ones in the incubator. Another option to take is to incubate the old and new eggs simultaneously and keep track on it on a daily basis to be able to know which eggs hatch first.   

How to Evolve Togepi to Togetic

Togepi is one of the new baby from the second generation of Pokemons and by evolving the fairy-type monster Togepi, the players will have its grown-up version Togetic. According to VG247, from hatching Togepi, players will obtain the following moves for battle: Ancient Power, Zen Headbutt, Dazzling Gleam and Psyshock.

However, since "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 monster Togepi comes from a 5km egg, the evolution process requires a lot of walking as well as 50 candies. After evolving to Togetic, Togepi will also evolved to Togekiss.

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