Samsung to Outsource 2 Components of Galaxy Note 8 to Avoid Fiasco; No Virtual Assistant due to Patent Agreement [RUMOR]


Samsung is reportedly in discussion with another giant manufacturer for Galaxy Note 8 components. Details here!

Galaxy Note 8 to Pack LG-Made Battery and A Bio Blue Screen

According to familiar sources, Samsung is in talk with LG Chem to supply the battery for its future flagships. Although the two giants haven't reached any agreement yet, the Investor's blog has garnered huge attention from the loyalists.

This effort is done to diversify battery suppliers and it will take LG Chem about 6 months to conduct battery test and manufacture the batteries. The partnership is said to bring benefits for Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. Albeit no word on the smartphone details, the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are two potential devices that will likely flaunt the new battery.

Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to sport a 4K UHD display with Bio Blue technology that allows 'healthier' light emission than AMOLED and it filters the blue light to protect retina. What's interesting about Bio Blue is the ability to support a bendable screen according to YouMobile.

In addition to LG battery, Samsung is reportedly outsourcing its future's flagship display to the same company. LG Display could be used in Samsung's products as early as next year, BGR has learned.

Galaxy Note 8 and The Rumored Virtual Assistant

Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 are rumored to feature a virtual assistant like Google Assistant in Pixel and Siri in iPhone 7.

However, a recent report has found that Google and Samsung have signed a patent-sharing agreement that won't allow the South Korean giant to use Viv assistant due to 'direct competition' with Google's service, Google Assistant, TheRegister reported.

Galaxy Note 8 Release Date

With the LG Chem battery being tested for about six months, the tech geeks can expect Galaxy Note 8 unveiling in Q2 2017.


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