'Prey' News & Update: Arkane Studios Discusses Alien Enemies Design; Exclusive Screenshots Reveal Gameplay [VIDEO]


After the success that Arkane Studios has had with games like "Dishonored" and its much anticipated sequel, "Dishonored 2," it seems that fans and gamers alike are eyeing on the next big project the studio is currently developing. As such, fans are excited for the release of the upcoming "Prey" and the studio has been quite helpful in bringing these same fans up to speed by discussing the concept and design of the alien enemies in the game and revealing screenshots that depicts some of its gameplay features, according to sources.

It was recently reported that Arkane Studios has unveiled more details about its upcoming first-person shooter game, "Prey," that details the alien enemies that fans can expect once the game gets released, Dual Shockers learned. The game's lead designer, Ricardo Bare, discusses the enemy types in the game.

Fans might have to fend themselves from creatures like the Cystoids, which are said to be the smallest Typhon creatures that in "Prey." It was described to be as big as that of a softball. However, fans ought not to underestimate these types of enemies as they can deal a lot of damage when they explode.

Ricardo Bare goes on to state that these creatures are akin to fishes that are simple. He said that fans can expect these creatures in "Prey" to be placed in nests and react like mines that are attracted to motion.

With the smallest alien enemy found in "Prey," Bare went on to discuss about the Nightmare, which is the biggest and strongest of the Typhon class. Albeit the creature being a mystery, it was said that it is similar to the Nemesis monster in "Resident Evil 3," and that it constantly chases you in the entire world.

On top of all these, Arkane Studios has also unveiled some exclusive screenshots of "Prey" that reveal some its gameplay, Game Informer reported. Some of the screenshots reveal that players will start the game waking up aboard a space station, called Talos I.

These screenshots for the upcoming "Prey" revealed the player coming across a recycling machine, which produces an array of building resources for the game's crafting gameplay feature, and the use of The Gloo Gun that enables players to freeze the alien enemies in place and serve as crowd control against them.

That being said, it seems that fans can expect more great things to come as "Prey" homes in on its 2017 release date.

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