Christmas Gift-Hunting On A Tight Budget as a Student


Shopping for Christmas gifts would be hard on a tight student budget, but as they say, "if there's a will, there's a way." Christmas shopping need not be left for those with huge allowances. They can be for those with a desire to buy gifts for friends and loved ones too.

According to Kent State University senior Jordyn Austin, there are ways to buy pretty nice gifts for family and friends on a college student budget.

"If you just cannot afford gifts, I am certain your family will understand, but there are some ways to get your family some pretty nice (and cheap) gifts for the holidays!" Austin wrote in an article in Uloop.

"Christmas is much more about giving than receiving," she adds. For those looking to buy gifts but are short on budget, here are some tips from Austin.

Go online shopping

"Amazon and eBay should seriously become your best friends," she says. Both sites offer deals and discounts that shoppers can take advantage of. As an added plus, both sites have filters that will allow shoppers to limit their choices to items priced lower than a specified amount. Shopping doesn't have to be hard - just well-thought of.

Shop at clearance stores

Austin says stores often have great items tucked inside clearance racks that don't look inviting. She says if one will just be willing to sift through the messy racks, various gems or nice gift items just might be found.


Lastly, Austin says, those running on a very tight student budget but want to give gifts have the option to make their own gift items. "There is absolutely nothing wrong with making a special gift by hand," she says.

Handmade items also have this added personal touch that makes the gift even more special. For ideas, check our Pinterest or just Google it.

With the rising cost of college education and other costs alongside it such as housing and food expenses, it would be nice to know that there are ways to acquire gifts at little to no cost. It's not the price tag that matters. It's the thought that counts.

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