Mind Controlled Toys: Kids can Soon Use Mind Power to play their Favorite Toy


According to researchers from Warwick University, children can soon play toys with the power of their minds using brain waves.

The electronic devices developed by the said researchers allow the users to control the toy using a sensor in the electronic headset that detects the electric impulse from brain waves. These impulses are being processed by the computer and sent to the toy.

The research, led by Professor Christopher James, could mean that the next generation of remote controlled cars and helicopters will soon be controlled using mind power. Instead of using a hand controller, the headset serves as the communication link between the brain and the computerized device and the electrical impulses that are sent from the brain at various frequencies can be controlled. It will be based on the user's level of concentration and relaxation. The impulses will then be processed and amplified and fed through electrical circuit to the electronic toy.

Professor James said that even if there is already the existence of brain-computer interfaces, their functionality is still a bit limited using the gaming headsets that are out in the market. What they are currently looking at is making newer headsets that are capable of reading cleaner and stronger signals that will strengthen the communication and links to the toys and improving the overall gaming experience.

This research is quite exciting for them too because while it can be done with toys, there's an immense possibility that it can be done with other things too; that the human mind can be used to control things around. Depending on your level of concentration, who knows if you can soon open your house door or answer a phone simply by using the power of your mind?

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