Your People Are Your Assets: Here's How to Avoid Great Employees from Quitting


It's not surprising to hear how some managers complain about some of their employees leaving and quitting their jobs. In fact, there are just really a lot of things these employees complain about making them decide to leave their job no matter the pay. More often than not, the companies and managers play a key role in being able to retain a good employee or giving them a reason to leave. Retain your best employees by avoiding the following mistakes.

Making unreasonable rules

Rules are created for a reason and these are created to maintain order in any organization. However, there are some unnecessary and unreasonable rules that drive many employees insane. Sometimes, it's because of these stupid rules which put a lot of pressure to employees that make them decide to just give up.

Poor performance is being tolerated

In this world where there's always a tough competition between businesses, there should be no room for slacking off when it comes to performance. Though you don't have to be too harsh to the extent of immediately terminating an employment of someone with poor performance, you can probably have some consequence or rewards in place when it comes to performance so that your company's performance as a whole won't have to suffer.

Achievements and successes are not being recognized

Your performing employees don't need a lot to feel recognized for a job well done. Sometimes, a simple pat on the back will do. The most important thing is that every effort and successes whether big or small are being acknowledged and appreciated.

Employees are not being valued

A large percentage of employees quit their jobs simply because they do not have a good working relationship with their boss plus the fact that their boss really don't show care for the welfare of their employees.

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