The Types of Modern Employees You Can Find in the Workplace According to Research


Times change and people working for our companies change too. From an employee or worker who loves being independent to someone who can't live by himself, the types of people you can find in a modern workplace.

The Team Player

This type of worker is the one who can easily befriend anyone. And not only that, he or she is also the one who's always ready to extend a helping hand to a colleague who is in need. Not only do they show good performance in the workplace, he also takes satisfaction when his own team shows a good performance too.

 The Silent Worker

This person is the one who sticks to the rules and policies of the company because they're afraid to commit mistakes. This type of worker also is very compliant to guidelines and gets satisfaction when they get things done according to how they should be. They don't demand a lot as they're happy with just what they're doing.

The Bully

This one has the personality that can let their colleagues down. They have the ability to spread negativity in the workplace and if you are not careful, you can easily get affected too. They can lower the morale of their co-workers so make sure your own performance and productivity do not get affected when you deal with them.

The Gossip Girl/Boy

These are the people that you can trust the least. They appear very friendly when you're with them but they can attack you in your back. They like it when rumors spread around the workplace and enjoy it even more when people believe them.

The Genius.

This one is the go-to person when problems arise. These are the very useful people in every organization because they have excellent strategies to problem solving and they possess the skills to get along well with everyone.

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