Lenovo Yoga Book: Becomes More Fascinating with Chrome OS, Fit for Education, Business Sectors; Check Enhanced Features Here [VIDEO]


Lenovo was hailed as one of the most innovative tech company for 2016 for their 2-in-1 PC tablet Yoga Book. As part of their innovation moves for 2017, the company has planned to release another Yoga Book that runs Google's Chrome OS. Find out how the Chrome-based Lenovo Yoga Book aims to help people from education and business sectors!

Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS Version

Lenovo Yoga Book has once again proven its software versatility when Lenovo Vice President Jeff Meredith confirmed the plans of the company to release a Chrome-based Lenovo Yoga Book in an indefinite timeline, The Verge reported. This version is an addition to the Windows 10 and Android 6.0 Marshmallow operated Yoga Books and aims to target the business and education sectors most especially schools and students.

According to Meredith, the "Real Pen" stylus support will still be available in Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS version as one of the most unique feature of the hybrid PC tablet. Through the stylus, users are able to write on the pressure-sensitive and flat tablet's keyboard and have them digitized whenever they wished to.

Furthermore, Lenovo executive also said that Chrome OS and Android Marshmallow will work together most especially the two operating systems are both familiar with Google ecosystem. According to Digital Trends, Lenovo plans to maintain the three versions of Yoga Book for the coming years.

Chrome OS is based on Linux and is the product of Google's desire to counter Microsoft Windows PCs. The users rely on Chrome Browser for the interface and almost of the applications are web-based; thus, nothing can be found on the computer's hard drive.

Lenovo Yoga Book Chrome OS Version Release Date and Price

Although it not yet certain as to when Lenovo plans to launch the Yoga Book Chrome OS version, PC World reported that the device is expected to hit the store shelves in the "midyear" of 2017 which coincides to back-to-school rush.

Lenovo has not revealed any information regarding the price of Yoga Book Chrome OS version. However, rumors suggest that it will have the same price range with the Android and Windows versions which cost $500 and $550, respectively. 

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