Lucid Motors Ditches Tesla Model S with Self-Driving and Fully Electric Sedan that Runs 400 Miles [VIDEO]


A start-up company named Lucid Motors is slowly making a name in the industry with their newest electric sedan that runs 400 miles on a single charge. Will Lucid Air be Tesla Model S closest rival and could possibly ditch them of? Read more details here!

Lucid Motors Unveils New Electric Sedan

A sleek and sunlit sedan named Lucid Air has just recently launched by the California-based Lucid Motors that expected to rollout in the market in 2018. Although it is still unclear how the car bring about innovation when it hit the road, Lucid Motors claim that the new sedan has the capability for autonomous driving and is fully electric, The Washington Post reported.

Furthermore, the start-up company also claims that Lucid Air sports a 130 kilowatt hour battery that can run up to 400 miles in a single charge. Lucid Motor new sedan eventually get ahead of Tesla Model S that runs 330 miles in a single charge.

In addition, Lucid Motors also claims that Lucid Air has a panoramic sunroof with an output of 1000 HP. The car also comes with self-adjusting LED lights, radar, lidar and camera as part of being "autonomous ready".

When it comes to the interior design, Lucid Air features a curved display, seats that can recline up to 55 degrees, flat-screen TV at the backseat, 29-speaker audio system but didn't specify which sound system is used, Business Insider reported. According to Lucid Motors, to be able to manage the vehicle's system, the car has a voice control feature.  

Lucid Motors: Lucid Airs Costs Above $100,000

Alongside the unveiling of Lucid Air, Lucid Motors also revealed the price of the new sedan which goes beyond $100,000 and requires $25,000 deposit for the first 225 sedans. However, the company said that a model that costs $65,000 will arrive later, thus, consumers are advised to wait.

Lucid Motors History

Lucid Motors was founded by the former Vice President and Board Member of Tesla. Bernard Tse was an ousted executive of Tesla Motors and is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Lucid Motors. As added by Business Insider, the start-up company, formerly Atieva, has yet to name Tse as their CEO. 

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