'Dragon Quest XI' PS4 & Nintendo 3DS Gameplay Revealed; Square Enix Confirms 2017 Release Date In Japan [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike will be pleased to know that Square Enix has recently released some new gameplay footage for its upcoming "Dragon Quest XI" that was featured on both the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS. Moreover, these same fans can expect the game to be released in Japan sometime in 2017, according to sources.

It was recently reported that an opening cinematic and gameplay footage were both unveiled that showcases the upcoming "Dragon Quest XI," Kotaku learned. It was stated therein that Square Enix featured the game on both the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS during this year's sJump Festa.

The source went on to describe the contents of the video by highlighting the world of "Dragon Quest XI" called Lotozetasia. Much of the world's features include blue skies, green fields, and a lot of monsters frolicking around.

They even cited a statement given by the director of "Dragon Quest XI," Takeshi Uchikawa, who said that the world will be vast unlike its predecessor. He event went on to assure fans that they won't be disappointed with regard to their expectations for the upcoming role-playing game.

In addition, it was stated further that "Dragon Quest XI" will depart from the MMO formula that the previous installment had and will adopt a stand alone RPG for its latest installment. Also, it would seem that Square Enix is also planning to release a version of the game for the Nintendo Switch.

As such, fans can expect the game to be released sometime in 2017, Gematsu reported. It was said that Square Enix will be releasing the game for both the PS4 and Nintendo 3DS next year, after it has recently gave details of the game during their time at the Jump Festa 2017 stage.

This will be the eleventh installment to the franchise, called "Dragon Quest XI: In Search of Departed Time."

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