'Valkyria Revolution' Americas & Europe 2017 Release Date Announced! Classic Sega Games Hit The Big Screen! [VIDEO]


It would seem that fans and avid gamers alike of role-playing games have much to look forward to in the early months of the upcoming new year as news of "Valkyria Revolution" and its 2017 release date has been announced to all. Moreover, theses same fans of the acclaimed game publisher, Sega, have much to talk about as it was reported that a few of its classic games will be hitting the big screens in the future.

It was recently reported that "Valkyria Revolution" will be making its debut sometime in earlier parts of 2017, PlayStation Blog announced. It was stated therein that the game will be launched in the Americas and Europe in the spring of 2017 for both the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita.

It was described therein that "Valkyria Revolution" will be a unique revolution from its previous installments. The game will take place in an alternate time, continent, and unvierse all together.

Albeit the significant changes to the setting of "Valkyria Revolution," it was mentioned that there is a common denominator between the latest installment and its predecessor - the return of the magical azure-colored mineral, ragnite.

It was said that "Valkyria Revolution" will revolve around how a single moment can ensue an inferno of war, wherein the game will, ultimately, ask players if they are a true hero or mereley a despicable one. As it tackles morality, the game was said to bring back the permadeath feature in its gameplay.

In other news, fans of the acclaimed video game publisher, Sega, can take a break from their regiment of heavy gaming to watch some of the classic games turn into films, Wired reported. It was mentioned therein that the company will be collaborating with Circle of Confusion, known for their works like "The Walking Dead" TV series and "Straight Outta Compton."

It was said that both "Altered Beast," which is a 1988 scrolling beat-em up game featuring a werewolf, and "Street of Rage" (known to fans as a scrolling brawler platform filled with 80s action film references) will turned to films and released via Stories International.

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