‘GTA 5 Online’ Latest Update, Tips: Rockstar To Focus On Festive Content Following ‘GTA 5 Online’ Import/Export Update [VIDEO]

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The "GTA 5 Online" gamers tend to snatch all the latest vehicle variants, and have been trying out the fresh missions that comes along with the import/export update. Nevertheless, it seems like Rockstar Games will be focusing on the Festive content as the next huge DLC update, much of which have already featured in the open world action-adventure game.

The video game company will give out a range of gifts to "GTA 5 Online" players for free, such as a Pyjamas, weapons, Sticky bombs and Unicorn Mask. Also, there will be a new set of light up festive hats and jumpers, and the usual return of snow to the video game. This will likely be followed by the new Adversary modes, as well as additional vehicles to the recently launched Import/Export update, Express reported.

The additional vehicles will include the Truffade Nero, Nero Custom, Dewbauchee Specter/Custom, the Progen ItaliGTB/Custom, the FCR Biker/Custom variant, as well as the Comet Retro Custom. In spite of that, it's unclear when all this new content rolls out. Meanwhile, the festive gear is said to be up for grabs on Dec. 20.

On the other hand, while GTA fans were frenzied over the recently Import/Export update, a number of "GTA 5 Online" tips and tricks have mounted up the internet. The tips and tricks include special vehicles for a healthy wage, buying a vehicle warehouse and Special Vehicle missions.

In order to unlock the Special Vehicle Work Missions, a "GTA 5 Online" player must complete the required number of Steal missions. For instance, after completing the Escape Escort Mission, the player can unlock the Ramp Buggy.

The player must get through the Breakdown Recovery Mission to proceed to Wastelander. The Wastelander is available for a price of $658,350, nonetheless, the gamer can also get their hands on the mission at a trade price of $495,000, according to Daily Star.

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