‘Final Fantasy XV’ Guide, Update: Easy Way To Get The Best Weapons; FFXV Pitioss Ruins Dungeon Update [VIDEO]


There are plenty of gamers who have finished "Final Fantasy 15." However, the open world action role-playing game still has challenges awaiting, particularly the pending patch.

A list of weapons that could help ace all the post-game challenges of FFXV has mounted up the internet. For those "Final Fantasy XV" gamers who aren't in for the Greatswords, the Soul Saber is the best next thing to a one-handed solution. The Soul Saber can be acquired by completing quests of Randolph up to the Cursed Legend, Game Skinny reported.

Possibly, the best sword in the FFXV in-game is the Balmung. The Balmung can be located in the Steyliff Grove Dungeon, which will be visited first along with Aranea in the "Final Fantasy" Chapter 7.

Perhaps, the Ultima Blade is one of the best weapons in-game in the open world action role-playing game. The Ultima Blade can be acquired by completing quests of finding rare items for Cid. There are three quests that can be started as early as the Chapter 2, according to The Tech 52.

Also, Death Penalty is considered to be the strongest pistol in the FFXV. The Death Penalty in "Final Fantasy XV" is a combination of fanservice and a serious weapon that packs the ultimate punch. The Death Penalty has a base damage of 424, which is way better compared to Balmung or the Ultima Blade.

On the other hand, any FFXV gamers agree that the Pitioss Ruins is one particular and mysterious dungeon. This dungeon in the "Final Fantasy XV" offers the players a very unique experience.

The interest for this secret dungeon was sparked by the rumor that it offers an unconventional setting. For instance, it appears that this Pitioss Ruins has no enemies lurking inside. Also, the Pitioss Ruins don't seem to have a Royal Tomb, no boss fight, and the main protagonist Noctiis is required to go to the area alone, Game Rant reported.

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