Here’s Why You Need To Forget About Freshman 15


Many students who are going to college worry about the Freshman 15 where students are said to gain more weight upon their first year of school. But the truth is that this isn't even accurate. You may or you may not gain weight at all. The most important thing is that you don't let this keep you from enjoying your college life. Here are some reasons on why you should stop worrying about the misconceptions about the Freshman 15.

It's important to stay healthy than to stay slim

Your focus should be on being healthy instead of just losing weight. Worrying about Freshman 15 may just do more harm than good, according to Jennifer Michener M.D physician at Penn Adolescent and Young Adult Medicine. She pointed out that rather than focusing on a scale or a number that has to be achieved, students must be looking for ways to stay healthy while in college by means of getting enough rest and sleep, getting good nutrition and avoid getting sick frequently.

Accept that everybody is different and unique

Body changes very per person. Someone may be able to stay thin and others may gain weight too fast, it all depends on someone's metabolism, eating habits, physical activities and many other factors. If you don't want to gain a lot of weight, it's up to you to take control and do something to take good care of your body.

There are more important things to do in college than worry about Freshman 15

This is just the start of the best years of your life. Why should you allow something as irrelevant as Freshman 15 to keep you from enjoying college life. You have this time in your life to be prepared for your future, to gain a lot of friends, to get yourself involved in productive and meaningful activities and a lot more exciting things.

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