Guillermo del Toro Still Upset With Konami Cancelling 'Silent Hills'; Hideo Kojima Praised For Upcoming 'Death Stranding' [VIDEO]


Most fans and avid gamers alike will agree that it is a painstaking experience when a highly-anticipated video game suddenly gets canceled. It seems that this equally shared, if not more, by those who were involved in the development and production of such short-lived games. Such is the case for Guillermo del Toro who dished out some harsh words against Konami for previously cancelling "Silent Hills." However, critics have been praising Hideo Kojima for his upcoming game "Death Stranding."

Fans will remember that Konami has canceled the release of "Silent Hills" after launching the PT (playable trailer) for the PlayStation. The supposed development and release of the horror game included the participation of Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro.

In recent events, it was reported that del Toro dished out some harsh words against the Japanese game developer, Konami, when he tweeted "F**k Konami" via his Twitter account.

The acclaimed director went on to state that their decision of cancelling "Silent Hills" was a "moronic" move on their part. It was mentioned that the cancellation of the game after releasing its PT didn't make any sense to director.

The source also took note of del Toro past experience in the gaming industry. It was mentioned therein that the director tried to work on a horror game called "Insane" with the defunct THQ publisher.

In an interview with Gamespot, del Toro went on to describe himself as a proven albatross of video games. He wittingly stated that with his experiences with THQ and Kojima proving to be unsuccessful, he has decided to stay away from participating in video games so as not to destroy anyone else's life.

In other news, it seems that Hideo Kojima is starting to get a lot of praises for his upcoming "Death Stranding" game, which aired its trailer during the Game Awards 2016, Forbes reported.

The source went on to commend Kojima's game as beautifully weird and utterly inexplicable. In a separate interview, Forbes cited Kojima describing the game to be compared naturally to other current open-world action games. However, the iconic game developer went on to say that after a few hours of playing "Death Stranding," fans will start to feel something different.

He said that the story of the game will focus on connections or what is called "strands" in psychology, which is how people are connected to one another.

With all these said, it seems that the cancellation of "Silent Hills" has not stifled the creativity of Kojima with his upcoming game, "Death Stranding."

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