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‘Super Mario Run’ News & Update: ‘Super Mario Run’ Officially Launches On Apple Devices, Predicted To Be A Huge Hit? [VIDEO]


"Super Mario Run" is now up for grabs on the iOS App Store. The auto-runner platformer video game is being released for Apple's iPhone in 151 countries. The Mario game is predicted to be a huge hit.

Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto said that the power and performance that they are able to get out of an iPhone has gotten to the level where it matches their expectations of the performance that they want for their video games. Miyamoto also stated that they felt that now is the right time to bring Mario to iPhone, as well as introducing a new generation of gamers to Mario, according to CNN.

The market research company SuperData claimed that "Super Mario Run" will reach about 30 million downloads, and the game will bring in $60 million in its first month. The market research firm noted that the sales number of the latest Mario game is well below "Pokemon Go." Nevertheless, Niantic's mobile game was simultaneously launched on iOS and Android, Game Spot reported.

The Android version of the auto-runner platformer game is coming later, and the specific release date of that version has not been announced. Meanwhile, the auto-runner platformer game is free to download, but a person must pay $10 to unlock everything the game has to offer.

Within an hour of the game's premiere, the "Super Mario Run" app became the top downloaded iPhone app in the U.S. The senior analyst at Jefferies, Atul Goyal, stated that he expected 500 million downloads of the app on the Apple app store by March 2017. Goyal added that a total of 1 billion app downloads are expected across operating systems, according to CNBC.

Furthermore, the "Super Mario Run" game is also likely to drum up excitement for Nintendo's upcoming gaming system Nintendo Switch, which is due in March 2017.

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