‘Pokemon Go’ Cheats, Tricks, News: Christmas Event New Updates And Features; ‘Pokémon Go’ Getting New Pokémon Creatures Today [VIDEO]

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Fanatics of the exceedingly acclaimed location-based reality game "Pokemon Go" are unquestionably in for the Holidays. Reports are springing up one after the other that there will be a massive overhaul and substance being taken off.

With the Holidays in December is just right around the corner, it has been said that the "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips and tricks that players can use for the game gets released. Also, reports are mounting up the internet that uncovered a couple bugs and glitches that came about, for the reason of the late coordinated effort of Niantic Labs and Starbucks.

Nevertheless, it appears that players will be tempted again to play the augmented reality game as the game developer is gearing up its fans for a Christmas advancement. It has been said that Niantic Labs will entice Pokemon fans for coming back to their most loved "Pokemon Go" game, Mirror reported.

Niantic Labs is expected to compensate gamers twofold the measure of XP for each Pokemon that a player gets found, crushed, or advancing them at the Pokemon Gyms. A portion of the "Pokemon Go" cheats, tips for the game will encourage Pokemon fans to use the efficient element that was included in the last overhaul to the diversion.

On the other hand, "Pokemon Go" gamers starting today will have to do some more work to catch 'em all. The game developer has announced that a slate of new pocket monsters are now up for grabs in the mobile game, which include the likes of Togepi, Pichu, as well as other Pokémon pulled from the 2nd-gen Pokémon Gold and Silver, according to The Verge.

Niantic didn't pitch in the specific number of Pokemon creatures, nonetheless, the game developer claims that gamers of the mobile game will only be able to capture the Pokemon creatures by acquiring and hatching eggs from Pokéstops.

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