How To Nail Digital Marketing Right In Higher Education

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Digital marketing is a powerful method to reach and win prospective customers. However, not all of the strategies are right when trying to attract students and the education industry. Here's how you can nail digital marketing right in higher education.

First of all you have to focus on those students who are already expressing their interests in your institution and the courses you are offering. Before that, however, you need to understand the personality of the market you are trying to reach, in which case are the students. What today's generation expect is that they will get an active and personalized dialogues with the Admission Office of your institution.

According to a survey made by the Chegg Enrollment Services, 93 percent of the students would like to receive communications tailored specifically to them while 54 percent expect that admissions will call them within 24 hours after their inquiry.

Once you know their behavior and personality, it's time to reach them. One of the most effective methods in reaching them is through mobile advertising that is based on names and location because it allows you to get at the forefront of a hard-to-reach audience by specifically identifying them at a specific location.

After you reach them, serve your digital media on various social media platforms where the students converge. You can further expand your reach by serving ads to your targeted audience using desktop and mobile ad exchanges. Lastly, make sure that you deliver a unique call to action based on where the student is in the process.

Digital marketing to higher education need not be complicated. All you need to do is understand student behavior and the social places they frequent on the Internet, and identify their interests. Then, you will be able to deliver that they need and want which can translate to conversion.

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