Snapdragon 835 GFXBench: Graphics Score Higher than Apple A10 Chip; Made for Surface Phone, Zenfone 4, Galaxy S8?

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Snapdragon 835 has not yet been launched but the latest leak on GFXBench shows impressive graphics performance.

Snapdragon 835 test score leaked on GFXBench

Earlier this year, Samsung announced that the company will manufacture the processor on 10nm process. It will be used to power a flagship device that will feature rapid charging.

Snapdragon 835 uses Adreno 540 GPU and an octa-core CPU with 2.2 GHz clock speed. As a comparison, the Snapdragon 821 only packs quad-core CPU and that should give a clear explanation on how powerful the 835 processor series will be.

During the test, Snapdragon 835 runs on Android 7.0 Nougat (Windows 10). Neowin reported that the processor powers a 4K display device with 3.7 GB of RAM and a 20 MP primary shooter.

Snapdragon 835 Outperforms Apple iPhone 7's A10 Fusion and Galaxy S7 Edge's Snapdragon 820

The recent test posted on GFXBench, compares several SoCs for 1080p off screen. The result shows that Snapdragon 835 is at the first place (score 41.5) followed by iPhone 7 Plus with 39 points and OnePlus 3T with 33 points.

Off screen test, according to TomsHardware, is a comparison to determine how an SoC performs using the attached display. This is usually done to test specific engines for graphics performance.

Snapdragon 835 to Power Galaxy S8, Surface Phone and Zenfone 4?

Albeit it hasn't yet to be unveiled, several sources have come to believe that the listed specs belong to Samsung Galaxy S8 set to be revealed at MWC 2017.

However, Asus has just announced Zennovation event at CES 2017 in January that will probably introduce Snapdragon 835 for its flagship, Zenfone 4. Another device rumored to rock the processor is Microsoft Surface Phone.

Hence, in 2017, the tech crowds should expect three powerful handsets - each centers at different purpose - but all intend to bring enhanced visual experience with the latest and fastest processor.

Check out Snapdragon 835's possible improvements in the video below!

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