Drinking Coffee Before Wine Can Help Stave Off Wine Hangover


If you are a heavy drinker, you are might have suffered from a couple of hangovers in your lifetime. Red wine is one of the top culprits of headaches and hangover especially when you've had one too many glasses.

According to Vinepair, the reason why you suffer from hangover after drinking wine is because of tannins, sugar and histamines. When sugar gets mixed with alcohol, a lot of your body's water supply is used up making you dehydrated and causing the headache. On the other hand, histamines are released when you drink aged food and drinks like wine and they have certain effects like dry eyes, runny nose and headache, while tannins cause you to have a dry mouth after having a glass of wine.

In order to avoid suffering from bad headache and hangover, there's one thing you should do before drinking - drink coffee.

According to Dr. Seymour Diamond, executive chairman of the National Headache Foundation, when you drink two cups of coffee before drinking wine, it can manage or reduce the hangover, headaches and other after effects. This is because caffeine constricts your blood vessels which reduces the vascular effects of wine. He also added that incorporating honey in your coffee will also help because it will help process the alcohol faster.

Aside from drinking coffee, study suggest that drinking water can also help you stave off wine hangover because of its ability to dilute alcohol. Other tricks to avoiding hangover after having a few or more drinks especially during the holidays include, drinking slowly, taking antihistamine to fight the allergy-like aftereffects of drinking wine, and choosing the right wine. The types of wines that are less likely to give you a headache are the ones that are low in sugar.

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