Want to be Productive? Here Are Some Business Ideas You Can Try While in College


Tuition charges and costs increase every year, and that's already a constant. And sometimes, the need for an extra income is felt. If you think that you can't add a job with your classes scattered throughout day and night, there's actually something you can do so you can start a business even with a limited time and very little or no capital at all.

Here are some business ideas for a start while you're in college.

Social Media Consulting

College students are very well familiar with social media platforms, you can use this to your advantage. You don't have to limit yourself to just Facebook and LinkedIn, you can maximize other platforms to increase your client's online presence.

Web Design

Students today pretty much have an idea on web designing. They probably had it as one of their subjects or they may have done it before for their own blog or for a campus club. If this is one of the skills you can offer, why don't you make money out of it? Leverage on this to earn profit.


The need for visual contents is something you can use to your advantage. Social media apps are also into using images and pictures so if you are into capturing quality images using technology, then you can make a job out of it.

Events planning and organizing

When you're in college, you probably have attended a couple of events and parties which should have given you an insight on how it's done. If you have a knack for events and being a part of the production, you can maximize your creativity and handle jobs in events organizing. Once you start establishing your name, people will just approach you whenever they need your help for planning and holding activities.

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