‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 70, 71, 72 Spoilers, Air Dates: New Story Arc; Goku's Death And Vegeta's Comeback [VIDEO]

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The previous "Dragon Ball Super" episode just ended with another great story arc in the series that featured the Supreme Kai apprentice Zamasu. From one plot to another in DBS episodes 70, 71 and 72, which is slated to telecast during the Christmas weekend, fans of the anime series are surely up for some gifts.

In the previous episode of the anime series titled Goku vs. Arale! A Ridiculous Battle Will End The Earth?!, the TV series featured Arale Norimaki. The "Dragon Ball Super" episode was full of humor, and was even branded as one of the weirdest episodes of the anime series, according to IGN.

Episode 69 of DBS was a filler episode and the rumor mill has since then been filled with reports as to what the next arc of DBS will be about. Many DBS fans even suggest that the upcoming episodes of the TV series will involve the death of Goku in the hands of Hit.

For episode 70 of "Dragon Ball Super," which is dubbed as The challenge of Champa Let us Fight with Baseball, this episode will feature Vegeta as the villain of the series again. Meanwhile, DBS episode 71 entitled Goku is in Danger! The Most Powerful Assassin comes in the Universe 7 to kill Goku!!, this episode is reportedly the one that will feature the return of the legendary assassin, Hit.

Furthermore, while fans of DBS would be ecstatic that they do not need to wait until next year to know what the next arc would be, the anime series will go on a short break right after episode 72. Meanwhile, episodes 71 and 72 is expected to air on Dec. 18 and 25. In the Twitter post of Herms98, there will be no new episode of "Dragon Ball Super" on Jan. 1, and the anime series will resume episode 73 on Jan. 8.

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