‘Metal Solid Gear V’ News & Update: Art Book Limited Edition Released; ‘Metal Solid Gear V’ Chapter 3 Still Elusive


As tribute to Metal Gear collectors and avid Konami game players, a special edition limited art book is being published and released by Konami in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, recently. A fitting collectible item to collectors, a year it launched "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain."

Truly a valuable piece to grab this season, the art book features various artworks for both "Ground Zeroes" and "The Phantom Pain." Metal Gear Informer reported that as limited as it is, the book is aimed at the western market only, specifically North America and Canada. It also comes in two different versions, the normal edition and a special edition, which is limited to 400 copies only.

Though considered as by far the most expensive one, it uniquely contains several extras including few pages with artworks from scrapped mission 51 (Kingdom of the Files) and a fine print from illustrator Ashley Wood of Snake and Quiet engaged in battle, reports cited. However, Metal Gear Informer advised collectors who are mainly interested in the art itself to just go for the cheaper alternative of the regular edition.

On the other hand, it still unsure whether Konami game developers has finally brewed Chapter 3 of "Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain" as announced by game director Hideo Kojima in a tweet, that meant to put an end of well-known rumors surrounding the game, Express reported.

It looks like Konami has not yet retreated to fans' clamor, after the latter's diligence in data mining and deeply looking into the game's data files and found answers such as the Chapter 3 "peace" place card.

According to Express, there is neither an information or official confirmation from publisher Konami or evidence of a secret Phantom Plain DLC. Reports said that sometimes it points to cut content that wasn't removed entirely, or simply shows some of the remnant that have since been dumped or tweaked by developers.

Konami, which already has released statements regarding the issue, reiterated to fans that they have no plans to announce any exciting new content for the game in the near future. So, this might probably be end games to fans out there who are expecting for more, but who knows Konami might change their minds.

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